The Process

We will utilise the proven program created by organisational psychiatrist Kathryn McEwan to step through the process of fast forwarding your business. 

Your Vision

Your Vision

Your people plan


To bring people closer together – into alignment

To facilitate a change in perception

To create flow and energy in the right direction – the same direction

To offer tools to people who want to make a change

To encourage positive behaviours that support growth


Expand the vision for your business with Elena to include the vital ingredient – a People Plan!

To stay on target

Status Quo?

Status Quo?

Where are you at right now?


You’ve attended a few workshops to learn about people management; you’ve done the visioning with your executive team or your partner but you don’t have time to keep everyone on track all of the time. How do you know where people are ‘at’? Some of your staff may not be working to capacity so how does that affect your business outcomes?


  1. Review your systems to determine the People Goals that drive your business.
  2. Set the benchmark for your biggest resource, your employees, using the Working with Resilience model.
  3. Take the negatives out of managing people issues with a factual reporting system that supports the growth of  good team dynamics.


Do you want to maintain the Status Quo or move forward with your business?

Real Focus

Real Focus

Empowered individuals make great teams


There is no ‘I’ in team but without each person being the best they can be, your team is of less value to you.


  1. Individuals get the chance to understand the dynamics of the workplace as it relates to them in a half day workshop.
  2. They then reflect on the key aspects of their own development using the Working with Resilience Report. Understanding how to leverage their strengths and seeing clearly what could have been holding them back, gives them the impetus for change.
  3. Utilise the benchmarking report from the ‘Resilience at Work’ survey  to set realistic targets in a range of aspects affecting growth ranging from communication skills to mastering stress.
  4. Essential 1-1 coaching to provide accountability and record progress.
  5. Mentor training to continue the process. (Workplace mentors are upskilled to be the go to person).
  6. Yearly review using the Working with Resilience Reporting System with individual coaching when required to support continued growth.


The team leader is driving the bus so let’s make sure we plan the journey and involve all of the passengers:)

Dream Team

Dream Team

Aligned and moving forward together


What do you want and how can your team ‘step up’ to help you get it? Clarity and a shared purpose are the key but what are the roadblocks at an executive level? Where does the team leader ‘sit’ and where do the team come in on a measured review?


  1. Use the Team Leader Report or the Resilience at Work 180 to set the benchmark and create dialogue.
  2. Come together in a workshop setting to analyse the survey outcomes and set goals
  3. Work with your team to set your six week, three month, six month and future direction
  4. Be accountable with regular meetings to review your goals, Maximise productivity as your cohesive team finds new synergies.

Enable your executive members to develop their own strengths so that they can help to create positive behaviors which support growth. Increased awareness of what works well and what doesn’t will raise the bar, improve outcomes and increase your $$$$.

>> Fast forward your business with your
super energised team.>>

Where do you want to be in six months time? Are you thinking even further ahead? Let’s sit down together and visualise a great future.

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