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FREE webinars with  vital tips for improved  resilience. Elena uses the Working with Resilience Toolkit and Action Plus programmes with small steps to grow your ability to deal with challenges.

Tap into that extraordinary tool, your mind, to become more self aware and self regulated.
Learn how to ‘tame’ anxiety.

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Working with Resilience Modules

Measure your resilience to leverage your strengths and to understand where your focus needs to be.

Create a self care plan so that you have energy left at the end of the day, to do the things you love.

Prevent compassion fatigue and burn out.

Use the Working with Resilience Survey to create a benchmark for sustainable resilience

Become more confident to embrace change. 
Be accountable to yourself.

     Resilient Leaders     Resilient Teams      Resilient Teachers     Resilient Social Workers     Resilient You  

Short Courses

45 minutes – 2 hours 

Interactive Workshops

              FREE webinars

    Strategies during lockdown
      45 minutes – 1 hour

  • Stay fit and well during challenging times
  • Staying connected
  • Maintaining a sense of purpose
  • Improve Cognitive development
  • Active Relaxation to create new neural pathways for relaxation

         Workshops Online

What does Mental ill health look like?

Overview of Anxiety

  • Recognising anxiety
  • Strategies for coping with anxiety
  • Supporting others
  • Introduction to Mental Health First Aid
  • Reduce the stigma of mental ill health

      Working with Resilience 

     Resilient People Live Longer

  Online survey to measure your 

  • Use this benchmark to make a plan
  • Leverage your strengths
  • What do you want to change?
  • Learning to be proactive
  • Becoming accountable
  • Mastering Stress

Developing Emotional           Intelligence

  • Becoming self aware in order to support yourself and others
  • Self Regulation
  • Relationship building
  • Understanding your mindset
  • Effecting change

         Mental Health 2

     Overview of  Depression      

  • Recognising depression
  • Understanding the impact of mental illness
  • Strategies for supporting others
  • Isolation and depression
  • Agencies that can help

Creating a Safe Workplace

Workplace safety and mental health

  • Setting boundaries
  • 4 Types of Listening
  • Acting instead of reacting
  • Making a plan for your workplace 
  • Understanding OHS

Mental Health First Aid Courses – 12 hours over two days or online ‘blended course’

Tailor the course to suit your needs and that of your team. 

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My background in training and education has given me the tools to understand team dynamics and the realisation that teams are only as good as their leader. Leading people can be like herding cats unless you have a long term plan of action – a PEOPLE PLAN. 

Change Management means learning what you don’t know, to facilitate a change in perception and develop a common purpose in your team members. 

Millenials, mental health, mindfulness, mmm – what else begins with m? Do you want to Make More Money? Work with me to find long term solutions to every day people problems that are holding you back.


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