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Be the best that you can be. That’s my call to action and I love a challenge!!

As a Kayaking Coach and a competitor in the sport of slalom kayaking, I became really intrigued by the effect of the mind on the body. Performance management in sport is much closer to real life than you would ever believe and my keen sense of adventure means that I’m always up for a challenge.

Managing performance, to be the best that we can be, means being aware of what’s affecting you and your team and having the tools to adapt quickly in a changing market. I’m passionate about life long learning and love to show people how to make a smooth transition into successful practises, balancing work and wellbeing with achievement and results. 

That's me in the blue helmet:)

My background in training and education has given me the tools to understand team dynamics and the realisation that teams are only as good as their leader. Leading people can be like herding cats unless you have a long term plan of action – a PEOPLE PLAN. 

Change Management means learning what you don’t know, to facilitate a change in perception and develop a common purpose in your team members. 

Millenials, mental health, mindfulness, mmm – what else begins with m? Do you want to Make More Money? Work with me to find long term solutions to every day people problems that are holding you back.


Rob Sheppard RAW HR

Rob and Elena have formed an alliance to share ideas on best practice in HR and people management

Rob has worked in both small business and retail franchise through to managing the HR function for global projects in excess of $450 million. He’s also managed multi-discipline teams spread across national and international locations.

He is a Chartered Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute and holds academic qualifications in Human Resources Management and Marketing.

Rob Sheppard of RAWHR

Rob is passionate about the benefits that good HR practices can bring to small business owners and their companies, and loves dealing with those tricky HR compliance and performance issues that others run a mile to avoid!

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I work with CEO’s, Team Leaders,  Dept Heads, HR Advisors working with Corporate, Non Profit, Local and State Government.